About Me

Hello! I'm Madeline, a photographer and cinematographer based in Saint George, Utah. Growing up, I was immersed in the world of photography thanks to my mom, a professional photographer. At age eleven, I got my hands on my own camera and immediately fell in love with capturing moments. 

While my early days behind the lens involved filming and photographing model horses, my passion for storytelling through cinematography soon took center stage. Over the past six years, I've been fully entrenched in the filmmaking industry, honing my skills and pursuing my love for visual storytelling. 

Now, as I near the completion of my bachelor's degree in digital film at Utah Tech University, I'm eager to continue pursuing my passion and contributing to captivating visual projects. 

Fun Facts


I was homeschooled from preschool to college.


Photography and filming have been my professional vocation for 6+ years.


Automotive & Astrophotography

are some of my pastimes.


Customizing model horses & sketching charcoal is where my art journey began.