About Me

Hello! I'm Madeline, an equine photographer/cinematographer based in Tacoma, Washington. As a kid, I grew up around horses, had a pony of my own, and am the daughter of a professional photographer. I was around cameras every day and at age eleven I got my own. Alongside collecting and painting model horses, I created short films and took photos of them with that new camera. Soon after, I began my own business, sold customized model horses worldwide, got a taste of the business world, and fell in love with the entrepreneur life. I started to grow a passion for filmmaking and have been working in that industry for the last six years. Soon I will be graduating with my bachelor's degree in digital film.

Fun Facts


I was homeschooled from preschool to college.


Photography and filming have been my professional vocation for 6+ years.


Automotive & Astrophotography

are some of my pastimes.


Customizing model horses & sketching charcoal is where my art journey began.